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100% of people who tell you you’re too sensitive are saying it because they don’t want to be held responsible for your reaction when they mistreat you

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If I’m really a winner
Where did these demons come from?
I was the girl who was on fire


you know that a book is going to be confusing as fuck when it starts with a map


The Legend Of Korra + Faceless


The Legend Of Korra + Faceless


Am I the only one who keeps their phone on silent 99.3 % of the time

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The universe delivers you to me as an act of providence.

Ozai has no qualms about sparring with children.



Fox News headlines v. real headlines, part 2425183. 

The brunette part is really important.

Fun fact, our hair color reveals our place in pansexual society. Blondes are our record keepers. The great librarians, they collect, analyze, store, and distribute information to the rest of us. They are blonde because they reflect the light of knowledge. Those with Black Hair are our inventors. They investigate, produce, and teach new technologies so that we may thrive in future times. Their hair is black because of their frequent dives into the void of the unknown. Burnettes are our ambassadors. They interact with people, plants, and animals, forging bonds that can protect us when we are threatened. Their hair is brown because of their deep connection to the earth.

And as for redheads.

You don’t want to know the purpose of the Red Heads. But may their hellfire consume our enemies.


Only the avatar can master all four elements

The Avatar State.